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10 Easy Appetizers for the Perfect Baby Shower

baby shower recipesEasy appetizer recipes for baby showers are the concern of ladies only. Since ladies are the only ones who have babies, Ladies should be the ones who go to baby showers. No Men allowed! In any case, Men don’t usually enjoy cooing over tiny garments — even in our post-sexist age. You can certainly give a co-ed pre-baby party, but that’s what it will be: a party. Not a shower.


The best baby showers take place in the late afternoon, during tea time. Not that you have to serve tea! Just make sure that the non-alcoholic drinks are more interesting than plain seltzer. The guest of honor probably isn’t drinking alcohol at this point (or she shouldn’t be!), and she deserves something nice to replace the champagne everyone else is guzzling down.


Actually, all gatherings should include interesting non-alky beverages, but that’s not our concern today. What we’re thinking about is a choice of dainty small-plate foods that look fancy but don’t require ten thousand hours  and a pastry bag. Here’s a variety of party appetizers, all certified delicious and beautiful. Or at least cute — almost as cute as those tiny baby garments.






Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

baby shower recipes

In my humble opinion, all afternoon gatherings demand either cucumber or smoked-salmon tea sandwiches — preferably both. Here’s a recipe that combines the two. I myself would replace the full-sized bread with those dear little slices of party pumpernickel, but I’m obsessive.




Chicken Puffs

baby shower recipes

If you have the time, nothing — nothing! — dresses up a shower like savory cream puffs. They’re super-easy to make, and they can be prepared ahead. So what are you waiting for? A store-bought filling makes things even easier. Here, we suggest chicken salad, but shrimp salad would also be great. So would any dip of your choice, as long as it’s thick enough not to  drip down people’s chins.




Mushroom Crab Puffs

baby shower recipes

How I love the word “puffs.” Puffs. Puffs! These puffs are actually stuffed mushrooms, and they need to be served hot. But hot appetizers totally class up the joint, and you can always get a friend to take them out of the oven while you answer the door.




Goat Cheese and Cranberry Chutney and Toasted Walnut Envelopes

baby shower recipes

Another puff I love: puff pastry. It’s so good and — if you buy it frozen — so easy to work with! These gorgeous doodads also need to be served right out of the oven, but they can be prepared in advance. They can even be prepared AND FROZEN in advance, as long as you add a few minutes to the baking time.




Cardomom-Cheese Straws

baby shower recipes
Cheese straws are another treat that scream “afternoon gathering” to me. (They scream it in their indoor voices, obviously.) People must agree, because they always scarf them down like popcorn. The cardamom in this rich, flaky version adds a nice, unexpected touch.




Shrimp and Bacon Dip

baby shower recipes

Back in my own baby-shower days, we used hot trays for hot dips. Whatever happened to hot trays? Maybe they’ve all been replaced by slow cookers. Which speaking of, this hot dip is so good that you’d better be sure to provide a ton of dip-ables.




Creamy White Bean & Herb Dip

baby shower recipes

I’ve noticed that a the end of a party, I have exactly the same quantity of crudites as I did at the beginning. Nevertheless, they must be offered, especially at an all-female gathering. Pair them with this excellent white bean dip, and you have a much better chance of getting people to eat their vegetables.




Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus

baby shower recipes

Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto couldn’t be easier or more glamorous. No matter how you arrange it, it always looks professionally styled. Oh, and it’s a classic favorite. Don’t expect leftovers here!




Chilled Lemon Pea Soup

baby shower recipes

This fresh-tasting, spring-themed soup is so colorful that it might have been invented for shot glasses. But let’s call them shooter glasses, since we’re at a baby shower, not a beer pong tournament. And let’s pause to give thanks, once again, for tiny frozen peas, which definitely deserve a spot in the Top Ten Convenience Foods.




Avocado Pesto-Stuffed Tomatoes

baby shower recipes

I can’t say enough good things about this recipe. Don’t be intimidated by the fancy-pants picture! These will look just as good if you spoon in the filling — especially if you use both yellow and red cherry tomatoes. I said that you wouldn’t need a pastry bag, and I’m sticking to it.




The perfect baby shower begins with quick and easy appetizer recipes!






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    Nando shirtless is often a eyecatcher!

  • Ivory says:

    My dream retirement is living on a 45ft center cockpit Hunter sailboat with my man and dog sailing the inter coastal waterways, the Caribbean, and any port I choose.

  • N Hales says:

    I was surprised & disappointed to read through this list of baby shower appertisers. Pretty much all appertisers have ingredients a pregnant woman can not eat during pregnancy – smoked salmon, goats cheese, cold chicken, prosciutto etc.!

    • Lauren says:

      I was surprised as well. Why would it be suggested to have prosciutto, salmon, goat cheese, etc?! They seem like yummy apps but not for a baby shower…bridal shower perhaps?

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