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Americans Want a Piece of the Pie—But which Pie?

Apple Pie
It’s as American as … well, yes, apple pie.

NPR recently asked Americans to pick their favorite pies, and 14,000 people responded. No surprise, really, that apple topped the list — but only barely.

The quintessential culinary symbol of everything red, white and blue took 17 percent of the vote. More intriguing, perhaps, was the close second: strawberry-rhubarb, at 16 percent. Then came pumpkin (14 percent), cherry (11 percent) and blueberry (8 percent), with alternate-party write-in votes for key lime, peach and pecan.

“People like tradition, but more and more in the last five years, they want a change,” one bakery-market analyst told NPR, noting a 7.8 percent increase in cherry pie sales from 2010 to 2011 and a rise in blueberry pie sales as well, possibly because of the fruit’s’ reported antioxidants.

So, maybe the next time a serious pie craving hits, we’ll try something beyond apple. Let’s see … today’s Thursday. What do you say we celebrate with a Cherry-Berry Pie? For health reasons, of course.

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