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Americans Want a Piece of the Pie—But which Pie?

Apple Pie
It’s as American as … well, yes, apple pie.

NPR recently asked Americans to pick their favorite pies, and 14,000 people responded. No surprise, really, that apple topped the list — but only barely.

The quintessential culinary symbol of everything red, white and blue took 17 percent of the vote. More intriguing, perhaps, was the close second: strawberry-rhubarb, at 16 percent. Then came pumpkin (14 percent), cherry (11 percent) and blueberry (8 percent), with alternate-party write-in votes for key lime, peach and pecan.

“People like tradition, but more and more in the last five years, they want a change,” one bakery-market analyst told NPR, noting a 7.8 percent increase in cherry pie sales from 2010 to 2011 and a rise in blueberry pie sales as well, possibly because of the fruit’s’ reported antioxidants.

So, maybe the next time a serious pie craving hits, we’ll try something beyond apple. Let’s see … today’s Thursday. What do you say we celebrate with a Cherry-Berry Pie? For health reasons, of course.

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2 Responses to “Americans Want a Piece of the Pie—But which Pie?”

  • Micheal says:

    Oh and I’m not a Liverpool or Chelsea supporter, but the way the Liverpool fans were still singing You’ll By no means Walk alone when their team was losing and the game was almost finished was wonderful. Big respect.

  • joann keisler says:

    Chocolate pie is my husband’s favorite, but have a hard time getting it to turn out right.

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