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Adults-Only Vending Machine Debuts from Kraft

kraft vending machine jello


Of all the jobs we thought couldn’t be threatened by technology, we never thought we’d see those women who hand out free samples in the grocery store replaced by a machine. Guess we were wrong. As USA Today reports, Kraft Foods has teamed up with Intel to unveil a new high-tech vending machine that doles out free samples of Jell-O Temptations desserts — but only if you’re an adult.


The sci-fi gizmo uses a camera and (creepy-sounding) “Anonymous Video Analytics technology” to determine, among other things, a customer’s age — baby faces will be asked to back away from the machine.


Sorry, kiddies, your pudding will have to be purchased.


“This is wow,” Steven Keith Platt, director of research and consulting company Platt Retail Institute, tells USA Today. “I’ll now have the ability to interact with a cool device that dispenses a unique product vs. walking up to some old lady with a white apron on.”


Hey, call us Luddites if you must, but we quite enjoy snagging a sample from that old lady in an apron. However, given that the food and beverage industry spends a whopping $1 billion a year on samples, according to the newspaper, we guess we can understand why companies might want to streamline things and ensure products are reaching the right target audiences.


But does that mean adults will be kept from trying foods targeted at kids, like, say, the latest offerings from Trix, Bagel Bites or Cheetos? Because if that’s the case, we’ll definitely take the old lady. The cool quotient only goes so far.




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  • It’s truly a cool and useful piece of info. I’m glad that you choose to shared this valuable details with us. Satisfy retain us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sheila15717 says:

    I Am Going To have to visit again whenever my course load lets up ¨C nonetheless I am taking your Feed so i can read your internet site offline. Cheers.

  • Bob says:

    HOLY CRAP!! This is the single most ridiculously stupid, worthless, unintelligent and nonsensical liberal comment section that I have ever wasted a few minutes reading. I thought I would have been shocked that there are this many dumba$$es in the USA, but after Obama was reelected (and I guarantee 99% of the people who posted negatively in this section and 90% of all the people who commented voted for Obama), I am not shocked whatsoever. I actually became quite a bit less intelligent for reading these comments, but still definitely far and away much smarter than 90% of you and all Obama supporters.

    First, let me attack all of your moron libs that said “a human was being replaced to stop paying for a job”. WTF are you talking about? Do you honestly think Kraft is only producing 1 of these machines? Do you honestly think that Kraft will be the only one who does this? Do you not realize that the loss in one very low paid, low ability job per store will be made up for high paying jobs that create the computerized mechanism of machines like this, a truck driver who delivers the mechanism, another group of high paid individuals to keep the machines in good working order, higher paying manufacturing jobs for building the machine and probably a few more?? Get a clue morons!

    #2 What kind of moron read that article and then asked the question, “What about little people?” Do you not comprehend anything when you read? Are you that stupid? It stated in the article, that facial recognition will be the biggest thing with regards to this and who can get a sample. ALSO, Do you not realize that there will be people at the store that can override the machine if it does not allow an adult to get a sample? MY GOD, STUPIDITY AT ITS FINEST!

    One more for all the MENSA members who posted this good one: “How much waste is their going to be since the people who hand out the samples usually prepare it on order and do not waste that much? How much are they going to waste with these machines? ANOTHER GREAT READING COMPREHENSION GENIUS!! The article stated that Kraft is giving samples of prepared foods in containers like PUDDING, JELLO, etc. HOLY CRAP!

    This group of morons is why America is going down bigtime and why people should have to take a test before they vote or heck, before they even post or talk in a discussion. By the way, I am joking about the talking part, but the rest should be taken seriously.

    Hell, a Chinese man that immigrated from China to the US 25 years ago has stated that this country is getting more and more uneducated and more and more communist and lazy every year and it is starting to look more and more like China did before they went more Capitalistic.

    You liberal morons are killing this country and even the Chinese see it! THANKS MORONS!

  • joey pferrer says:

    if something can bring more jobs to the us than im a proud american

  • Shon says:

    Actually this is a way to employ more people, the person stocking the machine, person who fixes the machines, people who build the machines, people who make the parts of the machine.

  • Elissa Wilkens says:

    Seriously? I thought this was a bad Onion article.

    • Mike Mo says:

      Yeah, tell me about it. It’s sad how I can’t read headlines anymore without knowing if they’re from the Onion or not.

  • michelle says:

    Yet, another way to unemploy an actual person.

    • MIKMIT NAGGAZ says:

      One less person that has to be paid! Profits hiiiiooo!!

      • David says:

        Doubt it. Cost of the machine must be at least $50,000. Service? It still has to be filled. Cleaned. Fixed at least yearly. Grandma works cheaper. AND she cleans up afterward.

        • Jay says:

          Even at, say, $8 an hour… “grandma” makes $12,000 a year working 30 hr weeks. Add on payroll costs and you’re at at least $15,000 a year minimum.

          Even if the cost to stock/repair a machine costs $2,000 a year (with enough machines it’ll be far less that that), the machine turns a profit in 4 years and saves $10,000 a year from year 5 on.

          If you don’t think this is another case of using a machine to unemploy a person, just to max profits, then you’re being naive.

          • Corey says:

            couldn’t have put it better myself…

          • Saidi says:

            Disagree. machine has to be manufactured and delivered, as well. The manufacturing company that does it will employ hundreds of people to make the machines/transport/repair etc. Kraft gets to more efficiently get its product out and to more people. Manufacturing company gets a new market good and hundreds of jobs.

            So recap for the dummies on here. 1 Lost job for”grandma”on minimum wage, hundreds of gained jobs for highskilled degree students and also some for truck drivers. sounds good to me

  • jim linkster says:

    @ susan houchen: And do they let the aborted children grow up first and let their taste-buds mature and their teeth come in before feeding them foods to taste, or do they feed them foods right after they come out??? You never explained how Kraft does this. It’s a very interesting concept.

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