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A Basketful of Easter Candy Recipes



Sure, the grocery store aisles are bursting with candy during the Easter season—everything from rainbow-hued jelly beans to marshmallow bunnies. And that’s a great option if you (or the Easter Bunny) are running short on time. But we say it’s worth taking the time to make your own Easter candies. Not only is the flavor leagues above store-bought stuff, it’s also fun to spend time with your family to create these sweet treats.


We’ve got eight amazing Easter candy recipes that both kids and adults will go wild for. Who needs stale jelly beans when you can whip up decadent Oreo truffles or crispy rice Easter-egg pops? Love those chocolate eggs? Here are two versions—one filled with chocolate pudding, the other with peanut butter.  So make the Easter Bunny proud. Put down those Peeps and head into the kitchen.


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