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8 Bodacious Bruschetta Recipes: We’ll Toast to That!

bruschetta recipesOnce you taste classic bruschetta for the first time, you never forget it. There’s something utterly beguiling in its simplicity — a slice of bread, toasted until golden and crisp, then rubbed with a clove of pungent garlic and topped with a mound of ripe, diced tomatoes and a liberal drizzle of olive oil. It’s a heady combination when all of the ingredients are top-notch.


Though the traditional version of bruschetta we’re describing dates back to 15th-century Italy, modern incarnations can be equally delicious, so we’ve rounded up some of our favorites. Although they’re quite different from the dish’s origins (have you ever sampled a bruschetta featuring chocolate-hazelnut spread and banana?), all of our picks emphasize simple, clean flavors atop a beautifully toasted slice of bread. Here, you’ll find bruschetta suitable for breakfast, appetizers, or even dinner. But they’re all delicious. Because if you’re going to call it bruschetta, it had better taste darn good.





Tomato Bruschetta

bruschetta recipes

This appealing appetizer is simplicity itself. Golden brown toasts are topped with sweet, slightly acidic tomatoes, heady garlic, and rich, salty Parmesan cheese. Perfection.




Double Cheese Bruschetta

bruchetta recipes

Cream cheese and feta team up in this bruschetta. The cream cheese adds a silky richness, while the feta contributes a welcome salty tang. Topped with Kalamata olives and tomatoes, this recipe is a definite winner.




Shrimp Bruschetta

bruschetta recipes

Sweet, plump shrimp are the star of the show here. They shine in a simple white-wine sauce, along with tomatoes and fresh herbs.




Avocado Chimichurri Bruschetta

bruschetta recipes

Who says bruschetta have to be Italian? This bold chimichurri bruschetta features buttery avocado cubes dressed with an Argentinean sauce made of chopped parsley, cilantro, garlic, vinegar, and oil. It’s a rush of flavor you won’t forget.




Grilled Asparagus Bruschetta with Chevre and Tapenade

bruschetta recipes

This pretty little bruschetta shows off the flavors of spring. Although the dish makes for a sophisticated first course, the recipe itself is quite simple. With some basic assembly, you’ve got a winner.




Pesto and Tomato Bruschetta

bruschetta recipes

If you’ve never made pesto at home, you don’t know what you’re missing. The flavors pop when they’re fresh, and the bright green color looks amazing on these little toasts topped with Parmesan and ripe red tomatoes.




Strawberry Bruschetta

bruschetta recipes

Brunch is calling — these mouthwatering bruschetta would pair beautifully with a mimosa. Mascarpone cheese is the tie that binds here — it’s slightly sweet tang offsets the ripe strawberries in syrup, creating a mouthful that’s at once luxurious and familiar.




Sweet Dessert Bruschetta

bruschetta recipes

Bruschetta for dessert? Why not? Here, we’ve taken decadent chocolate-hazelnut spread and topped it with ripe bananas. Each bite has crunch and sweetness.




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  • Nancy Johnston says:

    I really like a lot of your recipes, but I’m a diabetic & need to know calories, carbs, etc.

  • windycitygirl2 says:

    My 1st time commenting. I’ve tried “MANY” of your recipes. I’ve never been unsatisfied. Keep them coming & Thanks!!!

  • Madelaine says:

    Hi I love your recipes! Is there a way to “Pinterest” your recipes? Thank you!

    • Jason Best says:

      Hi Madelaine!

      Absolutely! Below the title of each recipe, you should see a menu bar. The first item reads “save to recipe box,” but if you look further to the right, you’ll see a button that says “Pin it.” Just click that, and you’ll be able to pin the recipe on Pinterest. Thanks for commenting! –Jason

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