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5 Top Fruits & Veggies to Always Buy Organic: Supermarket Savvy

how to couponMost of us know that organic produce is supposed to be, well, better — better for you (no pesticides, for example) and better for the environment (more sustainably grown, etc.). But organic produce is often sooooo expensive. What’s a savvy shopper to do?


While purists would argue that we all should eat only organic produce all the time, it turns out that not all “conventionally grown” produce (i.e., non-organic) is contaminated equally.


On that score, the folks at the Environmental Working Group (EWG) release two lists annually: The Dirty Dozen, which lists the fruits and vegetables most contaminated with pesticides, and the Clean 15, which has the least contaminated.


The lists are tweaked each year, but the same fruits and veggies almost always make up the top five offenders. So (drumroll please), here are the five fruits and veggies that you should always buy organic:


1. Apples


2. Celery


3. Sweet Bell Peppers


4. Peaches


5. Strawberries


I stay within my grocery budget by buying these items only when they’re in season and from local growers. You’ll never see fresh strawberries at my house in December, for example.


The Clean 15, happily, has many healthy items on it that my family loves, such as sweet potatoes, corn, pineapples, avocados and melons. We can eat those conventionally grown items without breaking the bank. Furthermore, the Food and Drug Administration maintains that peeling or washing produce will remove pesticide residue, so I rest easier by hoping that consuming a carefully washed Clean 15 item is almost as good as organic.


The EWG has a shoppers guide available for download, as well as a smart phone app (click here). The app provides you with their handy list, as well as their updates and tips.




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