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10 Skinny Spring Break Cocktails to Enjoy at Home

Few things say “vacation” more than a drink with an umbrella. Unfortunately, some of the most resort-ready cocktails come filled with sugar and excess calories, so they’re not exactly bikini-friendly!

But because we all deserve a spring break—even if the farthest you go is into the kitchen for your cocktail shaker—here are 10 cocktails and mocktails that have around or less than 150 calories per serving. So whether you’re vacationing halfway across the globe or staycationing with a good book, bottoms up!

spring break cocktails

1. Spiked Pomegranate Lemonade

The skinny: 136 calories

This easy-to-make bubbly beverage combines lemon-lime vodka and fruit juice. Opt for calorie-free club soda over sugary tonic water, like this drink does, to shave calories from any mixed drink.

2. Blueberry Lime Margarita

The skinny: 125 calories

Margaritas are typically a diet no-no, but this version keeps things light with naturally sweet blueberry nectar plus a couple tablespoons of limeade concentrate. No added sugar needed!

3. Mint Julep

The skinny: 147 calories

Why wait for May’s Kentucky Derby to have this refreshing drink? A hint of mint livens up this crowd-pleasing bourbon cocktail.

4. Watermelon Gin Fizz

The skinny: 153 calories

Pureed watermelon lends a pretty pink hue to this spiked ginger ale drink. To keep the sip strong, omit ice cubes and keep things cool with frozen melon cubes instead.

5. Fruity Sangria

The skinny: 48 calories

Peaches, strawberries and oranges get jazzed up by wine, light cranberry juice, orange juice and our MVP, club soda in this delicious sangria.

6. Blended Raspberry Cocktail

The skinny: 115 calories

Light juice, vodka and ice is all you need for this sweet slushy that comes together in just minutes.

7. Campari Grapefruit Pomegranate Cocktail

The skinny: 145 calories

Herbacious campari is balanced by the sweet-tart tang of the fruit juice in this four-star-rated cocktail recipe from Eating Well’s.

8. Batitas

The skinny: 104 calories

This traditional Brazilian beverage is like a vacation in a glass. Shake together fruit juice, rum and a dash of sugar water (AKA simple syrup) for a drink that goes down super smoothly.

9. Blood Orange Bourbon

The skinny: 100 calories

A drop of bitters balances the tart blood orange juice nicely in this drink. While bourbon is best known for being used around Mardi Gras, there’s no wrong time to raise a glass!

10. Tropical Cucumber Cooler Mocktail

The skinny: 70 calories

Prefer an alcohol-free option? Fresh cucumber water will rehydrate and refresh (almost) quicker than a dip in the pool. Add it to peppermint tea and pineapple juice for a spa-like mocktail.


Bonus! See how to conquer the cosmopolitan at home.

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