Chunky Bean and Chicken Chili

Midwest Living

If you are looking for a chili recipe without the tomato base, try this hearty soup that calls for cannellini beans, green chiles, and Monterey Jack cheese.

Total: 20 mins

Pear-Blue Cheese Salad

Better Homes and Gardens

Use slightly firm pears for this recipe. The fruit should give a little under thumb pressure and be juicy when you cut into them.

Total: 25 mins

Our Best Cupcake Recipes

Get our best cupcake recipes in one tasty collection. From chocolate to red velvet, weve got the best frosted cupcakes on the web.

Warm Winter Dinner: Pasta with Make-Ahead Roasted Vegetables

Roast a pretty mix of winter vegetables and learn how to turn them into a quick and delicious pasta dinner thats ideal for a weeknight.

Make this Drink: Rum, Coconut, and Lime Cocktail

Head bartender at db Brasserie in The Venetian of Las Vegas shows you how to create this rum-based cocktail.

Avocado Basil Pasta

This quick and easy pasta dish is the perfect summer meal. Featuring bright basil, lemon juice, and summer favorite avocado its a fresh dish great for picnics, potlucks, or a weeknight dinner.

Farmers Casserole

Better Homes and Gardens

This hearty meat, potato, egg, and cheese dish is a delicious choice for breakfast or dinner. Just alter your side dishes accordingly.

How to Make Sugar Cookies from Scratch

When you know how to make sugar cookies from scratch, youre baking up a piece of food history. Though some of the first cookie-like cakes originated in Persia as early as the 7th century A.D., true sugar cookies (or biscuits, depending on where you live) are thought to be an American original. Specifically, from Nazareth, Pennsylvania, where a large majority of the settlers were German Protestants. Thats why, in the early days, the sweet treats were sometimes called "Nazareth Sugar Cookies."

Gingered Chicken and Fried Rice

Midwest Living

Chicken drumsticks are served with a simple vegetable and rice mixture in this quick-fix dinner.

Total: 29 mins

Italian Beef Sandwiches

Diabetic Living

Our Best Chicken Breast Recipes

Whether stuffed, baked, or grilled, weve got the best recipes for boneless, skinless chicken breasts in this yummy collection.

Fun Focaccia


Peppercorn-Crusted Steak with Baked Parsnip Fries


Enjoy a restaurant-quality meal of peppercorn-crusted filet mignon and baked parsnip fries at home in around 30 minutes.

Tenderloin with Grilled Corn Relish

Better Homes and Gardens

Beef tenderloin benefits from the juicy richness of the creamy corn and bacon relish in this main-dish recipe.

Our Best Buffalo Chicken Recipes

Get instant access to our best buffalo chicken recipes. From delicious buffalo dip to finger-licking good buffalo wings, weve got what you want.

Leek Mac and Cheese

Food & Wine

Cooks usually reserve dark, tough leek greens for stock. Here, Grace Parisi sautes them until theyre soft and supple, then folds them into a luscious macaroni and cheese made with nutty Manchego.

Total: 1 hr 30 mins

How to Make Sweet Potato Fries

What tops the no-no list when youre watching your weight or trying to keep the fats in your diet to a minimum? French fries, right? Not anymore. Youll be delighted to know how to make sweet-potato fries that are totally fat free and have only 76 calories per serving. Plus, these fries are sprinkled with spices that give the potatoes an extra kick of flavor.

Walnut-Lemon Rice Pilaf

Better Homes and Gardens

Chopped walnuts add a delicious crunch to this rice side dish recipe.

Total: 20 mins

Our Best Easy Dessert Recipes

Get our best quick and easy dessert recipes in one guaranteed-to-please collection.

Gnocchi and Meatball Bake

Better Homes and Gardens

Homemade meatballs and gnocchi come together in this cheesy bake. Bonus points: It can be made ahead so all you have to do is bake when youre ready.

Our Best Pork Tenderloin Recipes

Get instant access to our best pork tenderloin recipes in this delicious pork tenderloin recipe collection.

Make this Easy Cocktail at Home: The Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule is one of the simplest, most delicious cocktails out there. With just three ingredients, its a perfect way to celebrate the weekend.

Our Best Crock Pot Pot Roast Recipes

Weve handpicked our best crockpot pot roast recipes guaranteed to make a satisfying meal every time.

Beef and Tapenade Open-Face Sandwiches

Better Homes and Gardens

For a quick and easy weeknight dinner, try this open-face beef sandwich recipe. Everyone will love the mix of flavors offered and its ready in 10 minutes.

Total: 10 mins

Peanut Butter Blondies: Dessert Done Easy

Peanut butter blondies are a crowd-pleasing dessert that you can make in less than an hour. Add chocolate to the frosting for even more deliciousness.

Provencal Omelet

Diabetic Living

Keep the fat low by spraying a cold skillet with cooking spray rather than cooking the vegetables in oil. This easy breakfast or lunch recipe, low in fat and calories, suits diabetic meal plans.

Total: 25 mins

How to Bake Tilapia

Most fish make a wise entree choice for those who trying to keep meals light and healthy. The light flavor and delightfully flaky texture of Tilapia make it the perfect candidate the next time youre in the mood for a meal from the wild blue yonder. Tilapias mild flavor lets it easily absorb the flavors of a wide variety of seasonings and sauces, which means that whether youre in the mood for a little Cajun spice or a tangy Oriental dish, Tilapia might be just the fish for the job. Tilapia is easy to find and relatively inexpensive, and best of all, it isnt hard to learn how to bake Tilapia, no matter what your culinary skill level.

Coffee Cake

Family Circle

Brown sugar and cinnamon make a yummy topping for this favorite breakfast and brunch recipe.

Hazelnut Truffles

Better Homes and Gardens

These pretty chocolate candies can be made ahead and refrigerated for several weeks.

Garlic Bread with Chard

Better Homes and Gardens

Rich in vitamins, minerals and protein, Swiss chard brings life to this savory ciabatta. Aromatic garlic and rich butter infuse the chard with incredible flavor, balancing the greens natural bitterness. When buying Swiss chard, look for tender leaves and crisp stalks. Store in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

Savory Vegetable Pancakes

Fine Cooking Magazine

How to Cook Oysters

Discovering how to cook oysters brings out flavor and texture thats completely different from the raw version of this shellfish.

Affordable Family Meal Ideas

Feed your family without breaking the bank.

Veggie-Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Better Homes and Gardens


Midwest Living

Banana Breakfast Sundaes

Better Homes and Gardens

Who can pass up chocolate for breakfast? If blueberries arent one of your favorite fruits, substitute another fruit.

Total: 15 mins

How to Make Enchiladas

Enchiladas have been around in one form or another since the pre-Columbian times. In fact, it seems that people were figuring out how to make enchiladas almost as long as there have been tortillas. The ancient Aztecs made enchilada dishes consisting of a fried tortilla topped with salsa and cheese, covered by another tortilla and topped off with a fried egg. Though these dishes existed for centuries, the term "enchilada" (which literally means "chili filled") wasnt coined until the 19th century, and the original dish has been all but completely transformed since its early days.

Chicken Enchiladas Adobo

Midwest Living

Warm Soba with Pork, Shrimp and Cabbage

Food & Wine

This soup is packed with shrimp, pork, mushrooms, noodles, and cabbage, so its a terrific one-bowl meal. Grace Parisi delicately seasons the broth with store-bought dashi, a Japanese stock made from dried bonito (tuna) flakes.

Total: 30 mins

Dinner Tonight: Spicy Slow Cooker Pasta Sauce

Try this spicy slow cooker tomato sauce (with bacon!) to liven up your usual weeknight dinners. Its flavorful, comforting, and pairs very well with pasta.

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